Our mission

Here at the Institute of Microtraining®, we are on a mission. Our goal is quite simple:
to constantly improve the way companies learn and manage their knowledge.
We believe that learning more in less time is essential for organizations
and for people in order to realize their full potential.


500 years of experience

When working with clients, our Micro-Method® is a key part of what they get. The methodology has been created and refined by many very clever people, not just our founder and the academic council, but some of the best-known researchers and professors in Europe have been involved in crafting our methodology. Beyond this, it is our partners’ wealth of industry experience and the expertise of our hundreds of Microtrainers which amount to well over 500 years of senior management experience that you bring to the table when working with and for your clients.


Easy knowledge boost

The concept of work is being redefined as different generations enter and exit the workforce. Institute of Microtraining® helps organizations redefine how they train employees to create the future workforce. We offer complete, integrated digital knowledge and technology to enable realtime learning at the point of need – anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Built for the digital age

Employee‘s in the middle of the digital environment are still using age-old technologies. We operate at the intersection of training and technology. It is not about removing people but about making their learning process more efficient. While delivering access to opportunity, rather than technology on it‘s own, helping organizations envision their future.


Driven by innovation

While digital has fuelled new opportunities, it has also brought an element of risk to your clients. What your client needs it leadership and guidance in the decisionmaking process and when implementing new solutions in his or her organization. As Institute of Microtraining®, we stand for innovation in the space of professional learning and development. Clients will respect your opinion and will follow your advise.


Learning as a way of life.

Lifelong learning is the most critical skill for today‘s organizations. This shift from eventbased training to lifelong learning is key factor to make organizations and its employee‘ competitive. We support companies to translate concerns into action, while seeing results from both the employee‘s and companies perpective, to deliver tangible and measurable results for both.

Are you ready for your educational revolution?

You want to emerge as a winner in digital transformation?
Then start with your team so that we can make your employees fit for tomorrow.

Some of our customers – pioneers in learning & competence management

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