Institute of Microtraining courses

The Institute of Microtraining programmes are tailor-made to best deliver your content to your colleagues.

The Institute is proud of its diverse range of exceptional programmes which meet clients’ individual needs, to deliver industry specific content, company history and ethos understanding, and more general personal development training. Existing modules can be combined with bespoke modules and packaged in to a professional training plan which is unique for your business needs.


Institute of Microtraining promise

The Institute is committed to providing ‘made to measure’ training solutions for each and every client. Our academic advisory council has supported us in the creation of over 50 ‘standard’ modules which are available for client use. These standard modules meet 95% of clients’ training needs and can be combined with any additional bespoke modules your company may require.

As part of the initial consultation with your business, your client manager will take stock of your requirements and construct a plan to ensure each of the modules delivered will provide solutions for your training and development needs. For instance, the client manager will determine:

  1. Language factors which need to be catered to, whether internationally, locally, or industry specific
  2. Specific products, current issues, or other important themes which the programme should be built around
  3. What success looks like for your business, measuring the success of the training programme, using parameters agreed in advance with you

The Institute’s commitment to modifying existing modules to suit your business, where possible, allows us to provide the highest quality training, while remaining cost-effective for your business.


Success in sales

Sales 101
Making successful sales calls part 1
Making successful sales calls part 2
Managing customer complaints

Customer relationship management

Being friendly
Analyse your customer
Relationship management

Communicating well

Basic communication skills
Communication – from A to Z
Conflict management
Constructive criticism
Body language

Gift of the gab

Quick wit
Contradicting conversational skills
The ‘magic’ combination

Turning complaints in to compliments

Learning from complaints
Complaint handling process
Managing work-place complaints

Speaking the language of young professionals

Using the right tone
Understanding the tone of young professionals

Team building

What makes a successful team?
What makes a powerful team?

Motivating your team

Basics of motivation
A modular process for motivation

Key skills for young professionals

Introduction to time management
Introduction to self-management
Time management for young professionals
Self-management for young professionals

Becoming a great leader

Basic elements of leadership
Which style of leader should you be?
Effective management
A modular process for efficient management
Employees and appraisals

Telephone skills

The personal touch
Managing complaints
Customer service

Social media recruitment

Recruitment opportunities on social media
Recruitment and selection process through social media
Social media for HR managament
Incorporating social media in to your career plan

Recruiting professionally

Professional applications
Mastering the art of interview
Assessment centres

Healthy working

Pre-burnout management
Eat smart
Healthy eating in the workplace