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Our latest learning platform becomes an intelligent knowledge store. You can document all your knowledge in a central place. This also means that you can help your employees apply new knowledge directly at the workplace and in daily practice. Your employees will learn faster, more individually, and more independently.


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When you promote individual learning processes, you can achieve lasting learning effects and improve efficiency and performance. By creating a new learning environment, you not only increase your direct “return on education”, but you also enable your employees to acquire new knowledge and skills.


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If companies want their employees to receive up-to-date training opportunities, it is not appropriate to stick to traditional learning forms. Where do you stand and where do you want to go? We advise you to develop the learning and knowledge management strategically and systematically.


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The heart of modern learning processes is the by IOM developed Micro-Method for our customers. In simple terms, the Micro-Method describes the type of in-house training, which on one hand is a long-term effect from a didactic point of view and on the other hand, requires as little time and financial resources as possible.

“Modern learning involves the development of self-organized learning processes, which, in addition to expertise, also aim at the acquisition of holistic qualifications. Microtraining has great strengths compared to previously established learning forms, because the future topic for HR managers is called competence management. When we talk about competence today we mean the social, methodological and professional competence. In all of these three areas, we have been supporting our customers since 2010 with our tools and our specially developed Micro-Methode®.”

Mag. Dieter Duftner, Founder and Chairman

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